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Success Stories & Testimonials

Below are just a few of the groups that we have worked with. They have been very generous in allowing us to post their names here on our site. We would appreciate it very much if you would only contact them when necessary.

Thank you

Name of Group: Coastal Cheer Sensation
Fundraising Coordinator: Becky Kachuba
City and State of Fundraiser: Chesapeake, VA
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: This was a quick and easy fundraiser!

Name of Group: UPC of Wood RIver
Fundraising Coordinator: Nathan Rodgers
City and State of Fundraiser: Wood River, IL
Comments: It has been great working with you. You have the best turn around time and profit for our fundraiser. This is one of the best and easiest fundraisers we have done. Thank you very much. Plus, we will be using this one again.

Name of Group: IRS Child Development Center
Fundraising Coordinator: Cybil Redmond
City and State of Fundraiser: Lanham-Severn, MD
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: All items were sorted perfectly and in order. Thanks for dividing all of the orders for us. This made it so much easier. We will use you again soon. The quality of the coffee is great.

Name of Group: Sigma Phi Epsilon
Fundraising Coordinator: Walter Pierce
City and State of Fundraiser: Newport News, VA
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: The fundraiser is easy to do - everyone knows people who drink coffee - and Robert is easy to work with. The best part about it is that you can continue rasing money after your fundraiser is over through internet sales.

Name of Group: New Rockford Dance Studio
Fundraising Coordinator: Caryn Woostead
City and State of Fundraiser: New Rockford, ND
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: This was a great fundraiser for our dance group. It was something different from other fundraisers that have been done in our community before and people loved it! Robert was very helpful when I had some questions and I love that the order came already grouped into individual orders for each girl.

Name of Group: St. Augustine High School Band/Winterguard
Fundraising Coordinator: Kathleen Lehrmann
City and State of Fundraiser: St. Augustine, FL
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: Easiest fundraiser we have ever done. Great product, great service, quick shipment. What more can we say!

Name of Group: Christain Hope Network
Fundraising Coordinator: Rev. Barbara Yovino
City and State of Fundraiser: Brooklyn, NY
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: It has been a pleasure to work with Robert! We are extremely pleased with the results of our fundraiser, and we can't thank Robert enough for all he did. The coffee arrived quickly, and everyone who ordered said they will definitely order again at our next fundraiser. This was so easy for us and a wonderful way to raise money for our ministry. Thank You!

Name of Group: Hartem Class of 2011
Fundraising Coordinator: Linda Doty
City and State of Fundraiser: Hartsburg, IL
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: The fundraiser was very well organized; delivery was quick and the product high quality.

Name of Group: Lincoln Community H. S. French Club
Fundraising Coordinator: Amy O'Donoghue
City and State of Fundraiser: Lincoln, IL
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: This was our 2nd time doing this fundraiser since it ws so successful last year. This year we raised even more money and it was just as easy as last year to do. One of our bags of coffee had a tiny hole in it, but Mr. Palmiter responded to my e-mail right away and sent out a new bag. Communication was excellent. We look forward to doing this fundraiser again next year!

Name of Group: Greece Cobra's U14
Fundraising Coordinator: Patty Turco
City and State of Fundraiser: Rochester, NY
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: This fundraiser is very well organized and the delivery is very quick. The service is top-notch and any questions were answered promptly.

Name of Group: Pre-Vet Club
Fundraising Coordinator: Desiree Dworzecki
City and State of Fundraiser: Milford, CA
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: This was a very easy fundraiser. The onlt thing I wish we would have done was allow more time to sell.

Name of Group: Perryville High School Travel Club
Fundraising Coordinator: Phillip Repucci
City and State of Fundraiser: Perryville, MD
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: Wonderful Product. Great Service. My second year using this fundraiser.

Name of Group: Bel Air Elementary School
Fundraising Coordinator: Marilyn Bunzo
City and State of Fundraiser: New Brighton, MN
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: The coffee was excellent. The shipment arrived very quickly and was packaged for easy distribution. This was a successful fundraiser that was made easy by the helpfulness of Silver Cup Coffee.

Name of Group: Crestwood Band Boosters
Fundraising Coordinator: Judy Puhl
City and State of Fundraiser: Dearborn Heights, MI
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: Very Prompt delivery and response. Quality product, excellent prices. Very easy, low maintenance fundraiser.

Name of Group: Lincoln Community H. S. French Club
Fundraising Coordinator:Amy O'Donoghue
City and State of Fundraiser: Lincoln, IL
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: This has been the easiest and most profitable fundraiser our club has done over the past 6 years since I have been the sponsor. And, for our particular school, it was a unique product to sell. I appreciate all the orders being separated and organized for us which made the distribution a breeze!

Name of Group: Huntington's Desease Society
Fundraising Coordinator: Pat Velasco
City and State of Fundraiser: Cranbury, NJ
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: 609-448-3500
Comments: A wonderful fundraising opportunity and fantastic service!

Name of Group: Middlesex High School French Club
Fundraising Coordinator: Jennifer Edwards
City and State of Fundraiser: Saluda, VA
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: Super easy and fast fundraiser!

Name of Group: Hillside Middle School
Fundraising Coordinator: Mitch VanOchten
City and State of Fundraiser: Northville, MI
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: 248-344-8493
Comments: Great program - as usual! Continues to be more of an annual tradition for our school. Can't fix something that isn't broken!

Name of Group: LCHS Boys Soccer Boosters
Fundraising Coordinator: Kathy Reese
City and State of Fundraiser: Lynn, MA
Comments: Fast, Easy and Profitable fundraiser. Great Coffee and Excellent Service.

Name of Group: Hood Eagle Scout Project
Fundraising Coordinator: Elizabeth Hood
City and State of Fundraiser: Rocky Mount, NC
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: Robert was wonderful to work with. The coffee was delivered promptly and he was always available to answer questions. Thank you Robert for making this so easy!

Name of Group: Marion High School Band Boosters
Fundraising Coordinator: Latrescia Goss
City and State of Fundraiser: Marion, AR
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: Can't wait to do next years Coffee Fundraiser! Profit margin is great, service and product are fabulous. We love the way the orders are sorted by participant before shipment.

Name of Group: Appleton Christian School
Fundraising Coordinator: Steve Swihart
City and State of Fundraiser: Grand Junction, CO
Phone Number: 930-245-4901
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: Quick and easy to get started. Friendly and helpful advise was given by Robert over the phone. Orders were accurate and sent out quickly. Quality of the coffee is excellent. There's nothing complicated or hidden about this program.

Name of Group: Station Camp High School - Bison Bells
Fundraising Coordinator: Renee Ritter
City and State of Fundraiser: Gallatin, IN
Comments: This fundraiser is easy and very organized.

Name of Group: Old Village School
Fundraising Coordinator: MaryAnn Kingsley
City and State of Fundraiser: Canton, MI
Comments: Easy to manage, great to have orders packed by seller. It's the fundraiser that keeps on earning with on-line ordering!.

Name of Group: McCook High School Art Club
Fundraising Coordinator: Steve Clapp
City and State of Fundraiser: McCook, NE
Comments: Silver Cup Coffee proved to be a nice alternative to all of the pizza and candles that we have sold in the past! Robert does a great job of preparing the merchandise so that each member of the club has their sales individually packaged! All the items that we ordered were shipped in a timely manner with no shortages.

Name of Group: Sigma Alpha Iota
Fundraising Coordinator: Katherine Bishop
City and State of Fundraiser: Edinboro, PA
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: We were very happy doing business with Berbranon Marketing and are looking forward to working with Robert again.

Name of Group: Cy-Falls French Club
Fundraising Coordinator: Linda Fields
City and State of Fundraiser: Houston, TX
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: Our order arrived promptly as promised and having the individual orders bagged with the student's names on the bag saved me a lot of time. It is true - this was the easiest fundraiser I have every done. Thanks!

Name of Group: Immaculate Conception Haiti Fund
Fundraising Coordinator: Linda Hardison
City and State of Fundraiser: Clarksville, TN
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: Service was prompt. Everything was as promised. Thanks so much for all your help and efficient service.

Name of Group: HCS French Club
Fundraising Coordinator: Margaret Dodge
City and State of Fundraiser: Honeoye, NY
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: Good Service - as described; helpful. speedy service

Name of Group: Troy Cooperative Preschool
City and State of Fundraiser: Troy, MI
Phone Number: 248-879-7601
Comments: The coffee sold very well at a great price. The 50% profit is great for our preschool. The forms were very easy to complete and our coffee arrived in less than a week from the day I faxed the order.

Name of Group: S. Penney Packer Elementary
Fundraising Coordinator: Richard Weiss
City and State of Fundraiser: Philadelphia, PA
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: Outstanding Service! Super fast turnaround! Thank You!

Name of Group: Benton Co. Baseball Club
Fundraising Coordinator: Sonya Dean
City and State of Fundraiser: Bentonville, AR
Email Address: sonyab[email protected]
Comments: Working with Robert & Berbranon Marketing has been great!

Name of Group: SCMS Cheer Boosters
Fundraising Coordinator: Shirley Stokes
City and State of Fundraiser: Emerson, GA
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: Very impressed with the turn around time. Taste of coffee = Superb! So fresh, must use smaller amount to brew. No bitterness. Will continue to buy for my family's use. Love the idea of continuing to earn income with the web site. Very few fundraisers provide 50% profit.

Name of Group: Odyssey Charter School
Fundraising Coordinator: Ana Theodorescu
City and State of Fundraiser: Brooklyn Park, MN
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: Thanks A Lot! This fundraiser was the easiet we have had!

Name of Group: Altrusa International of Montgomery County
Fundraising Coordinator: Stephanie Gigliotti
City and State of Fundraiser: Greenbelt, MD
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: We LOVE this fundraiser! Robert has been helpful, informative and extra cooperative with our group. The coffee tastes (and smells) wonderful! What a delightful change in rasing money for organizations. Thank you very much!

Name of Group: Bridgeport Community Nursery School
Fundraising Coordinator: Dr. Cynthia Mills
City and State of Fundraiser: Lancaster, PA
Phone Number: 717-397-9090
Comments: Dealing with Robert was a real pleasure especially when compared to so many other impersonal fundraising companies. The service was great and the product was WONDERFUL! We will definitely be using the SIlver Cup Coffee Fundraiser again and again.

Name of Group: Heavenly Treats
Fundraising Coordinator: Vivian Turner
City and State of Fundraiser: Columbus, OH
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: Robert made this real easy. Whenever I called with a question he was there to answer. After faxing our order in it came timely all packed to pass out. Thanks!

Name of Group: Youth Of Our Shepherd
Fundraising Coordinator: Julie Legnard
City and State of Fundraiser: Severna Park, MO
Phone Number: 410-514-8993
Comments: The best fundraiser we have ever done - pure and simple, and fast!

Name of Group: Bright Beginnings Preschool
Fundraising Coordinator: Julie Kisor
City and State of Fundraiser: Bowling Green, OH
Comments: I was very impressed by the professional and quick responses I received when trying to coordinate our fundraiser. The fundraiser went well and we received our order even before it was promised. I also like the additional opportunity offered for our organization to make commissions on the web site after our fundraiser was completed.

Name of Group: Girl Scout Troop 1042
Fundraising Coordinator: Mary Krueger
City and State of Fundraiser: Hershey, PA
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: Even though I only had 2 girls sell, I think for their first time selling this product they did a nice job. I was especially impressed with the quick delivery. We look forward to doing this fundraiser again.

Name of Group: Little Laurel Preschool
Fundraising Coordinator: Tammy Lavoie
City and State of Fundraiser: Brookline, NH
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: We were very happy with how quickly we received the coffee once the orders were sent in. We were also very happy to hear we could continue to order coffee on the website and continue to make a profit.

Name of Group: Woodbridge Community Choir
Fundraising Coordinator: Denise Powell
City and State of Fundraiser: Dumfries, VA
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: Robert was very friendly and helpful from beginning to end. All the information is well organized for ease of completing orders. The only fundraiser I've handled that organizes your orders by individual members. You just hand them the bag(s) and you're done!

Name of Group: Atwater Sports Academy
Fundraising Coordinator: Paula Pemberton
City and State of Fundraiser: Atwater, CA
Phone Number: 209-357-4224
Comments: Easy way to make profit. Coffee sold itself.

Name of Group: Tri-State Ladies Hockey Assoc.
Fundraising Coordinator: Ginger Greenhawk
City and State of Fundraiser: Wilmington, DE
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: I will be selling this again as this was our "EASIEST" fundraiser the whole season! Our ice hockey ladies love the coffee and the 50% profit toward their fees.

Name of Group: Saints Peter & Paul C.Y.O.
Fundraising Coordinator: Pamela O'Kussick
City and State of Fundraiser: Auburn, NY
Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: This is one of the easiest fundraisers that we have done. Our order was also shipped to us very quickly.

Name of Group: Aylett Country Day School
Fundraising Coordinator: Jennifer Edwards
City and State of Fundraiser: Millers Tavern, VA
Phone Number: 804-443-3214 Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: This is the easiest and best fundraiser we have ever done.

Name of Group: Royal Rangers
Fundraising Coordinator: Beth MacCombs
City and State of Fundraiser: Nelsonville, OH
Phone Number: 740-753-4224 Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: We like to sell Silver Cup Coffee. The coffee went so well that we only had to do one fundraiser.

Name of Group: Tappen High School Cheerleaders
Fundraising Coordinator: Antoinette Heier
City and State of Fundraiser: Tappen, ND
Phone Number: 701-327-4256 Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: Wonderful items! Pleasant conversations on the phone. Very professional company. This is a fun way to earn profits. This type of fundraiser has never been conducted at our school before so we had a great time "showing off" the products. :)

Name of Group: Solon Junior Academy Charter School
Fundraising Coordinator: Shelley Holman
City and State of Fundraiser: Chandler, AZ
Comments: The Silver Cup Coffee fundraiser was so easy to do and people loved the coffee. The way the ordered items were packaged was fantastic. We didn't have to do any sorting! We will definitely do this fundraiser again!

Name of Group: Shepherd of the Hills Preschool
Fundraising Coordinator: Patti Chervenak
City and State of Fundraiser: Shoreview, MN
Phone Number: 651-483-6885
Comments: Silver Cup Coffee is a fabulous fundraiser for our preschool! The product sells itself and 50% profit is amazing. Robert Palmiter makes fundraising easy with each order labeled and ready to hand out. We've sold Silver Cup Coffee 3 years in a row. Keep up the great service!!! :)

Name of Group: Liberty Towers Church of the Nazarene Youth Dept.
Fundraising Coordinator: Juli Swaim
City and State of Fundraiser: Citrus Height, CA
Phone Number: 916-725-5724 Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: Our youth group is raising money for a trip to Spirit West Coast. We chose Silver Cup Coffee because of the money that goes directly to our teens. It's a much quicker way to earn money than candy bars at a $1.00 each. Coffee is such a popular item right now so we thought we give it a try. I was a little worried about doing this with a company I wasn't familiar with, but was impressed with the professionalism of the information I received in my information packet. We tried it out and the teens had great success at selling it. We plan on doing it again in the fall. I think it will sell even better in the cool months. It was a great way to raise funds... easy, quick, professional and fun.

Name of Group: Boy Scout Troop 126
Fundraising Coordinator: Elliott Schwartz
City and State of Fundraiser: Long Beach, CA
Phone Number: NA Email Address: [email protected]
Comments: It was an easy, great experience dealing with Robert. Silver Cup Coffee was the talk of our annual pancake breakfast fundraiser. The French Vanilla, and especially the Hazelnut, were the favorites. Shipping was efficient and quick. The profit margin is terrific! I would recommend Silver Cup Coffee as a fundraiser to all.



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