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why it works

  • It is Award-Winning, conveniently packaged and it's absolutely delicious!
  • It is reasonably priced yet very profitable for your group to sell.
  • We provide all fundraising materials at no charge.
  • Earn residual funds with no effort by directing buyers to re-order online.
  • There are no up front charges or hidden fees*.
  • You make up to 50% profit on everything you sell.
  • Virtually every household, office and business buys and drinks coffee.

girls soccer fundraiser

The Silver Cup Coffee fundraiser features over 10 popular gourmet coffee products so there is something for everyone.

Print out our Brochure and show it to your group. They will be thrilled with the 50% profit and how we've designed our program. We've simplified the forms and simplified the distribution. In fact, we've made fundraising so simple that you could almost call it FUN RAISING!!!

After your fundraiser is over your group will be listed on our Individual Orders Page for a minimum of 90 days, or as long as orders continue coming you. This way, your customers can continue to purchase this delicious coffee and you'll continue to receive $2 for each bag of coffee and $1 for each cappuccino powder or gift pack you sell!

With the Silver Cup Coffee fundraiser, there are no minimum orders*or advance purchases required. Standard ground shipping is included* in the price of the coffee and you only purchase what you need so you'll always make 50% profit on every item you sell!

When you are ready to get started, click on Start My Coffee Fundraiser and fill in the form and we'll send you plenty of beautiful full color order packets via email . It's quick too!  Your order will arrive in only 14 to 21 days from the day we receive it!

Note: *additional charges for residential & rural delivery are not included.  Orders for less than 200 units do not include free shipping. Shipping will be added at our cost plus a minimal handling fee. We reserve the right to require a minimum order from large groups who conduct more than one fundraising program at the same time.

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